Making eCommerce sales is no simple task. With thousands upon thousands of online retailers offering any product imaginable, it’s especially hard to make your business stand out online.

Even when you do drive traffic to your website, it’s hard to make it stick. Consumers don’t buy from the first site they land on. Frequently, they hop from site to site to find the best product, the best prices, and the brand they can trust best.

This process of researching a product isn’t short-lived. Think about it – when searching for a birthday gift for your mother, do you usually purchase right away? Or do you browse around, give it a few days, and then circle back to making a decision?

That’s where email and web push notifications come in. And, ultimately, where Subscribers and Hello Bar come in.

Timeless Pearl, an eCommerce jewelry store, optimized their website using Hello Bar and Subscribers. Through use of these tools, they added 102 new emails to their email list and 820 new push notification subscribers to their marketing list in less than one month.

That’s 922 brand new leads in less than 30 days, using Hello Bar & Subscribers.

In sales terms: that’s 922 brand new potential customers to nurture into paying customers.

Timeless Pearl Collected 820 Push Notification Subscribers With One Easy Step That Took Less Than 5 Minutes

Web push notifications are new to the online marketing scene. Many people don’t know what to think of them or how to use them to enhance their sales and marketing efforts. Others see that they require an installation (extremely light coding) and balk at the task.

Installing Subscribers couldn’t be easier, though. Within five minutes, Timeless Pearl was able to get Subscribers up and running on their site. The hardest part was finding their logo to upload as their push notification image.

Once Subscribers was installed on their website, all the hard work was over. Their team got to simply sit back and watch their subscriber count grow:

That’s 820 brand new subscribers from the period of April 11th through May 10th. Amazing, right?

Here’s the magic of how Subscribers worked for Timeless Pearl:

Once the plugin was installed in the backend of their site, the app was ready to go right away. Any visitor that came to Timeless Pearl’s website saw this GDPR friendly opt-in:

If the visitor clicked “Allow”, they were enrolled right away. No need to enter any personal information or do anything more than simply click the mouse. It couldn’t be easier – a huge win when it comes to getting a higher conversion rate from your site visitors!

But what do you do with all these new subscribers? What do these pushes accomplish?

Here’s How Timeless Pearl Is Nurturing Their New Push Subscribers

Customized Welcome Series:

With 820 new leads coming in over the course of fewer than 30 days, following up with each new lead one by one wouldn’t be anywhere close to possible. So Timeless Pearl took advantage of their access to Subscribers premium welcome drip feature and set up the following welcome series to welcome new sign-ups, drive them back to their site, and increase sales.

Welcome Message #1

In this message, the Timeless Pearl team lets the new subscriber know that they are now enrolled in their notifications and gives them a heads up for what’s in store – discounts, sales, and exclusive access! Plus, they link back to their Shop page, encouraging return visits and more time spent on the website.

Welcome Message #2

This notification demonstrates the generous nature of Timeless Pearl right away and gives potential buyers an extra incentive to push them over the edge and towards purchasing. Using pushes to dangle a lead magnet, like free shipping, is a sure-fire way to get conversions. Again, this push is used to drive folks back to the site to start shopping once again.

Welcome Message #3

This message sends out automatically 2 days after the last notification, giving the shopper some room to breathe. After all, the best push notifications are used to nurture, not to spam. In this message, the Timeless Pearl team builds trust, introduces its unique Edison Pearls product, and redirects straight to the product page for those pearls.

But, that’s not where the Timeless Pearl team left off! To supplement this automated welcome drip, their team also sent out one-off notifications to spread the news about special sales and drive traction right away.

Here’s What Those One-Time Push Notifications Looked Like:

As you can see, Timeless Pearl focused in on discounts and sales as lead magnets, using the highest converting option for eCommerce shops. This earned them conversion rates between 2.4% to 2.9% – great results for their first ever pushes!

With pearls priced up to $2,000+, those 40 leads re-engaged and brought back to Timeless Pearl’s site by these push notifications are no small fries. Just one purchase would justify the purchase of Subscribers for months!

Timeless Pearl is still working to build out their funnel and continue to leverage push notifications for their site, but with 7820 leads and counting, there’s no shortage of shoppers to drive back and convert into paying customers.

But converting is an entirely different story! This is where Hello Bar comes in.

How Timeless Pearl Used Hello Bar To Collect 102 New Leads In Less Than 20 Days

Timeless Pearl set up Subscribers on their site but quickly realized that while they were able to drive traffic back to their site, that traffic wasn’t always taking action and converting once they got to the site by following the push notification.

So, they looked for a solution to optimize their conversion rate and came across Hello Bar, which allowed them to create custom pop-ups for their website to gather more details about leads, encourage them to take action on certain pages of their site, and more.

Timeless Pearl’s main goal with Hello Bar was to collect more email addresses. While Subscribers worked well to re-engage and send traffic back to the site, Timeless Pearl’s team also wanted to take the time to customize their messages for each segment of visitors.

They had funnels pre-built within their email provider and wanted to leverage these in addition to the push notifications – so they got to work building custom pop-ups and funnels for their site visitors.

For example, here’s their custom-made bridal pop-up:

And exit intent pop-up, optimized for desktop visitors:

Each pop-up featured custom text written by Hello Bar’s professional copywriting team – an especially helpful perk of their special agency plan, through NP Accel.

So, what did these specially built pop-ups result in? Conversion rates up to 3%!

Plus 102 new emails:

And, the most important part, an ever-increasing conversion rate.

Notice how even though Timeless Pearl’s traffic dips towards the end of the use period (chart below), their emails collected (chart above) increase:

That’s more leads from less traffic! The exact reason why Hello Bar is an extremely helpful asset to their site – especially Hello Bar’s A/B testing feature.

Through A/B testing, Timeless Pearl has been able to increase their conversion rate from 0.1% on their very first pop-up to 3% in their most recent rendition. In the future, they’ll be able to test even more text, images, and offers to keep boosting their conversions – and, ultimately, sales.

Final Results of Using Subscribers & Hello Bar for 30 Days

At the end of Timeless Pearl’s first 30 days with Hello Bar and Subscribers, they walked away with 922 brand new leads to nurture into paying customers.

That means that before using Hello Bar and Subscribers, Timeless Pearl was missing out on 922 potential customers a month. That’s a lot of missed opportunities.

Don’t miss the same opportunities on your site! Give Hello Bar and Subscribers a try today.