With social media platforms and search engines having unique algorithms, it can be challenging for marketers to find ways to connect directly with their audiences.

The goal would be to have consistent traffic, not worry about the algorithms, all done without overspending on ads.

In this article, Neil Patel explains how using Subscribers to leverage push notifications has allowed him to successfully generate traffic.

Once set up, anyone who wants to subscribe will have a prompt box that asks if they want to set up notifications for your site.

Each new notification you create will be an opportunity to promote a URL or a product/service you are selling.

"Just look at my welcome campaign stats, it drives more traffic than manual pushes."


For the maximum amount of traffic, your notification will have to evoke curiosity, include a large image to encourage more clicks, and show custom buttons to have higher engagement.

While setting the content up, it is also essential to map out the timeframe, ensuring that you are not spamming your subscribers.

Most importantly, is ensuring that you have set up a welcome campaign as it is an opportunity to generate more traffic.

Over time, you will see an increase in organic engagement without the dependence on algorithms or filters which will bring a consistent audience to your site.

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